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Non-woven fabric 3-layer mask order page 2021-01-14T16:16:26+00:00
Product Name

  • Medical non-woven fabric 3-layer surgical mask(BFE95% or more)[General Size:Approx175mm×95mm]
  • Household non-woven fabric 3-layer surgical mask(BFE95% or more)[General Size:Approx175mm×95mm]
  • Packaging / Packing
  • 50 sheets in a small box, 40 small boxes in a cardboard case(2000 sheets → 1 case)
        ※Standard packaging、Packaging detail can be customized
  • Ordering procedure 1.Fill up the form「Desired Number」10,000sheets;5 case or moreand We will make an estimate        based on.

    2.Please agree to the contents of the "Quotation and Order Form" and send us a fax.

    3.Your order will be completed when the fax arrives at our company.

    10,000sheets;Less than 5case of Order from the mail order site of group companies 「Packaging material shop Bag    search」We accept at.

    Estimated delivery date
  • Scheduled to be shipped sequentially after about 45 days from the date of order (delivery date cannot be guaranteed)
  • Fare charges
  • The fare charges should be pay in advance (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands should be consulted separately)
  • Payment delivery conditions
  • the product will be shipped after complete your bank transfer
  • Order deadline
  • As described in Quotation and order form
  • Notices
  • After the order is completed, we cannot accept cancellation based on customer's circumstance
      (In case of cancellation, 50% of the sales amount will be paid as a penalty)
  • We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that a defective product occurs, we will not     return or refund it, but will replace it with an equivalent product specified by us
  • We may refuse orders that exceed our inventory and expected arrival quantity
  • The delivery date is scheduled at the time of ordering, and cancellations due to late delivery cannot be accepted

  • Information of order person

    Required Product Name

    Mask quantity quick reference table
    (The following is a reference example, and you can order any number of cases as long as there are 5 or more cases.)
    Case Number Number of sheets (number of small boxes)
    5case 10,000Sheet(200small box)
    10case 20,000Sheet(400small box)
    20case 40,000Sheet(800small box)
    50case 100,000Sheet(2,000small box)
    100case 200,000Sheet(4,000small box)
    200case 400,000Sheet(8,000small box)

    Delivery Place Information

    Same as orderDelivered to a place different from the orderer

    Billing Information

    Same as the orderSame as the delivery addressEnter another billing address

    Required Ordering procedure and Notes Agree about it

    Please read carefully Notices at the top of page and click the send buttom below