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    Product name

      Disposable long sleeve plastic gown

    Packaging / Packing

    Each piece is individually wrapped, 100 pieces are in cardboard

    Ordering procedure

    1.We will make an estimate based on the 「desired quantity」100 pieces; 1 case unitentered in the order form below.
    2.Please agree to the contents of the Quotation and Order Form and send us a fax.
    3.Your order will be completed when the fax arrives at our company.

    Delivery date

  • 2 Or 3 business days after received your order

  • Fares

  • Hokkaido and Okinawa remote island will be charged separately so please contact us.

  • Payment and delivery conditions

  • please contact us in business hour.

  • Order deadline

  • As described in quotation and order form

  • Notices

  • After the order is completed, we cannot accept cancellation based on customer's circumstance

  • We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that a defective product occurs, we will replace it with a non-defective product rather than returning or refunding it.

  • Information of order person

    Delivery information

    Same place as orderDifferent place with order

    Billing information

    Same as orderSame as delivery placeAnother billing address

    RequiredOrdering procedure  AND agree on special notes

    Please be sure to check the Special notes at the top of the page, check only those who agree, and click the send button below.