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Carry Cup is a convenient bag designed for takeout cup beverages such as coffee.
Our patented flexible seal makes an appropriate adjustment to fit the cup properly inside the bag. As you insert the cup in the bag, only necessary part of the seal is unstuck thus making the cup stable without spilling the content while carrying around.
Even with various cup shapes and sizes, “Carry Cup” carries your cup steady and secure.


  • Putting a cup in a bag has never been this easy. Drastically reducing customer’s waiting time.
  • Hot or cold beverages, let “Carry Cup” take the troubles of holding your cup without the worries of spills.
  • “Carry Cup” bag can also be used for the bigger cup sizes such as instant cup noodles.
  • “Carry Cup” was nominated and awarded at Good Design Award 2016 Best 100 organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion Foundation.
  • Dedicated “Carry Cup” cup-setter included.
  • Custom-made order possible (color, original designed logo and shop name printing).


  • For takeout cup beverages.
  • For flowers and vegetable seedlings still inside a cup-shaped pot.



1 Cup Use

Suitable cup sizes
Mouth Diameter: approx. 70〜110mm
Height: approx. 80〜155mm

Material HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Size Width 185mm x Height 240mm
Quantity 2,000 pcs/case

2 Cup Use

Suitable cup sizes
Mouth Diameter: approx. 70〜100mm
Height: approx. 80〜120mm

Material HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Size Width 310mm x Height 240mm
Quantity 1,500 pcs/case
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