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Our Core Strengths

We have been producing packaging materials with a track record and know-how cultivated for over 60 years since the inception of the company.

Our production facilities in Japan, China and Vietnam, and with over 20 years of overseas trading performance adds to our core capabilities to meet all customer’s requirements.

We understand our customers. We develop new products, supply customized and bespoke specifications that our client demands. The technical skills and technology we used in crafting our products and services provide solutions to address the problems and needs of our customers.

We have an established quality control system with customer’s safety and satisfaction as our top priority in mind.

Product Introduction

Polyethylene (PE) bag products (plastic bags, garbage bags, oval-shaped handle bags, various industrial poly bags)

Polypropylene (PP) bag products (OPP film bags, CPP film bags, IPP bags, flexible containers, sandbags, PP cross bags, PP recycling bags, bags used for sorting items, PP rope)

Draining garbage bag for kitchen (recycled PET bottle stocking type draining garbage bag)