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Our Core Strengths


years of experience and know-how

1. Miyagen Co., Ltd. has been in the manufacturing of packaging material for more than 60 years. 
Always looking ahead into the future, we respond promptly to the needs of our customers.

2. We offer solutions from the standpoint of our customers. 
Together with our customers, we tackle on providing solutions to solve their specific problems.

3. As a community-based company, we aim to contribute to society by supporting the employment of the handicapped and elderly people. 
We always consider people’s circumstances and bring out excellent teamwork.

4. With overseas production bases, we are prompt and flexible in responding to various customer’s needs. 
Flexible and accommodate all your packaging material needs.

5. Employed foreign staff can respond and communicate with our foreign customers. 
We can also ensure that communicating with our overseas production bases are quick and accurate.

6. Thorough quality control related activities are always performed as our continuous pursuit of total customer satisfaction. 
What we offer is a Japanese quality standard packaging materials at a competitive price.

7. We have a range of flexible and custom services offered to our customers. 
Always maximizing the efficiency of our production bases to meet customer’s diverse demands.