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Product Development

“Carry Cup carrier bag for cup beverages made from One-Material One-Piece production concept”

1.) Hidden Needs: With the casual daily scenery of everyday life, we embraced the new challenge!

Our own developed “Carry Cup” is a groundbreaking product which safely carries various cup beverages with just a piece of a plastic bag.
It started in October 2013 when our 2nd company president Takehisashi Miyamoto went shopping at a convenience store.

A customer in front of him ordered 2 cups of coffee. The store clerk placed the cups inside a paper cup holder and put it in a plastic bag.
It takes time and effort, not to mention the waste and the environmental impact it contributes. If this could just be taken cared of by just a single plastic bag, he thought.

The first generation of Carry Cup with cup retaining function was born.


2.) Trial and Error: A long way of product development

The first generation “Carry Cup” was not yet perfect.
When placed on a flat surface, the bag topples over while holding the cup and it is still pretty much useless.

Enhanced in self-supporting stability improvement was immediately implemented and it evolved into the second generation “Carry Cup”.

But the machine processing was complicated and mass-producing the bag did not go well as planned.


3.) Simple and Functional: Finding the way back to the origin of development

Three years of trial and error, we pursue the original basis of the development of making the design of the bag simple by just using one sheet of film.
Having the cup retaining function improves is the minimum number of machining steps required.

With “One-Material One-Piece” as the production concept, we continue with the development of the bag.


4.) Next Generation Packaging: The future of the plastic shopping bag

And the third generation “Carry Cup” is now completed with the following three design concepts:
1 – Simple & Compact: A Non-bulky bag made from a piece of film.
2 – Flexible & Fit: Adjustable seal to fit any shape of cup containers.
3 – ECO & Smart: An environmentally friendly plastic bag that reduces waste by eliminating unnecessary materials such as paper cup holders.

No need for paper cup holders. Putting a cup in the bag has never been this easy and time efficient.


5.) Since Launching the Product

Currently used not only for cup beverages but also for various items such as sweets. Over time, the application of the bag is steadily spreading.

In addition, we are still not satisfied and are still trying to further improve and evolve the product.

Miyagen will continue to offer new packaging of the future for the next generation.


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