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Privacy Policy

Miyagen Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Miyagen”) recognized the importance of protecting personal information, appropriate usage and considered it as a part of social responsibility and that all information being provided is for Miyagen’s use only and will be held in strict confidence.

(Definition of Personal Information)
Personal information is information regarding an individual such as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, profession, and place of work, any information that can identify a particular individual.

(Personal Information Collection and Processing)
Miyagen will, exclusively for the following purposes stated below will use and collect personal information.

Collection and use of personal information by Miyagen have been voluntarily provided by the customer, with it has licensed Miyagen to use personal information in accordance with this policy.

・Answer and sending of documents related to your consultation and quote requisition.

・The provision of information that may be deemed useful and necessary to the customer such as new product information.

・Collection of opinions to improve the quality of its goods and services, confirmation, and inquiry from Miyagen required conducting business.

・Correspondence to various inquiries.

(Third Party Provision of Personal Information)
This website will not provide clients’ personal information to the third party unless it is in accordance with the law and or approved by our customers.

(Supervision on Entrusting Party)
Besides using the information to provide quality products and services to customers, Miyagen may provide personal information to the entrusting party. However, we will take some measures to make sure the personal information is correctly and safely processed.

(Personal Information Management)
For the purpose of data protection from a leak, loss, and destruction of personal information, Miyagen assigns people in charge of data protection and management as well as providing proper management to make sure the information is timely and correctly updated.

(Information Content Inquiry, Alteration, and Deletion)
When it comes to information inquiry, alteration and deletion addressed to Miyagen, once Miyagen confirmed your identity, all request will be dealt with promptly.