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Manufacturing Plant

and Production Facilities

We would like to introduce our manufacturing and production processing equipment used in producing packaging materials in the factory. Various processing techniques and well-experienced staff are working on a daily basis to respond to all of our customer’s needs.

For customers who desire to have custom bag production or have a specific requirement for their packaging needs, please see our production capabilities below if there is anything we can do for you.

Plastic shopping bag and

poly bag making machine

Plastic shopping bag making machine

Seamless production from printing to product processing that meets customer’s diverse quality and delivery needs.

Product specification range
Product Width: From 160mm to 320mm
Product Length: From 360mm to 600mm

Polybag making machine

We use specialized machines for manufacturing our bags according to the material specifications desired by our customers.

We can handle production of flat bags, gusseted bags, standard size bags, oval-shaped handle bags and other bags that require special processing.

Product specification range
Product Width: From 70mm to 750mm
Product Length: From 150mm to 1,500mm

Carry Cup bag making machine

New product “Carry Cup”

A machine used in producing our new product “Carry Cup” to answer the needs of consumers needing to carry around cup beverages purchased such as in convenience stores.

Product specification range
Product Width: From 190mm to 390mm
Product Length: From 360mm~

Polypropylene rope and Polypropylene woven bag

Polypropylene rope processing production equipment

By twisting a flat yarn made of a polypropylene, we can produce four kinds of colors: black color, assorted colors, welded black color, welded assorted colors. Production according to the customer’s request such as the hardness of the rope is also possible.

Product specification range
Rope thickness: 5mm~12mm
Weight per reel: 5kg – 19kg

Polypropylene woven bag making machine

After cutting the polypropylene raw material to the size requested by the customer, sewing and other needed processing are carried out.

Particularly fishery aid sandbags for fixing shore nets are our long-seller. Since all the productions are carried out in-house, we can produce customized specifications according to the customer’s needs. From raw fabric to finished product and special processing requirements.

Product specification range
Product Width: From 250mm to 1,150mm
Product Length: From 200mm to 2,250mm

UV Printing

UV inkjet printer

It is a printing device that can print various kinds of surface materials piece by piece.

On the contrary, because it is unsuitable for mass production, it is best for prototype printing for customers that desire faster delivery of printing sample prior to mass production.