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Greetings from the President

Miyagen was established in 1953 as a paper bag manufacturing company. I was appointed as the third President and Representative Director in November 2016. At present, we are producing various plastic packaging materials for our customers.

Since childhood, I grew up in a business environment which taught me the difficulty and enormous responsibility of continuing and maintaining a company I inherited from my predecessors.

I left my hometown after graduating high school to attend college. After graduating from Tokyo University, I worked for a general trading company for 14 years which I then returned to my hometown and joined our company in April 2007.

Having ups and downs

In the 10 years since joining the company to taking office as the president, we experienced a number of difficulties in maintaining the business.

First is the economic downturn precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008. The business has been on track since the establishment and operation of the production base in Jiangsu Province in China in 2001. The overseas procurement ratio is rising and a long-term reserved foreign exchange is anticipated. However, the sharp appreciation of the yen backfires and we lose a large of foreign exchange.

Next is the restructuring of the production base in China. The rapid expansion in China soared up the operating cost and shortage of funds put pressures to the management. To make it worse, a scandal within the local subsidiary in China was discovered. The risk of the current system became apparent, and the management crisis has been underway.

Recovering from a hopeless situation “Way of  Thinking”

At that time I was desperate to deal with the situation. Looking back now, we were in a situation where the continuity of the business was at stake. Fortunately, we were able to overcome those difficult times and I appreciate the efforts and cooperation of the employees who supported the company and all of our valued business partners.

While appreciating the fact that we were able to do business in such a fortunate environment, the results were not achieved with just my own power. It made me think about what has been the cause that has led into this. And then I realized:

I think that after all, the reasons that resulted in the inconvenience to myself and to the company was not an external factor but what is inside of me. I felt that everything would flow normally if I will always consider the welfare and happiness of other people around me.

The significance of our existence

“Are we doing more for our customers?”

Our services do not end by just producing and delivering our products to our customers. We make sure that our goods and services are useful to our customers. And we are actively employing this principle as the foundation of our corporate value. And to further enhance the relationship with our customers and promote mutual growth is the ultimate result we wished to achieve.

In addition, we differ from large companies with abundant capital and assets. We regard the following as our capital.
・To remain to be a company that can always do business with confidence
・We just do not say the word “Customer Satisfaction”, we have to confirm if you are truly satisfied and we keep improving

In order to nurture the discipline and one’s way of thinking, we established daily cleaning activities and morning meetings to learn one’s progress and way of working in the company. Unlike large corporations that outstanding intellectually talented staffs are a necessity, we will continue to challenge, improve and continue our efforts by partaking “Character Capital” way of thinking in every employee to realize true customer satisfaction.

We are not there yet. There are still a lot of things we wanted to do and what we should do. We are always aiming to become a solution provider to our customers and to be the most cherished packaging material manufacturer in Japan. Thank you always for your continued support.

Miyagen Co., Ltd. Third Representative Director and President
Taketoshi Miyamoto

Management Philosophy

“Innovating Things” for the future

Looking towards the future,
as the global and the living environment change,
we constantly think what is needed and continue to
contribute to society through “Innovating Things”.

Basic Management Policy

Anticipate the customer’s needs and respond promptly

Aiming for innovative products that society demands

Become a company with safety and health as the first priority

Supporting the development of human resources of the next generation

Continue to develop goal-oriented individuals bringing about a prosperous future