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Staff Introduction

Organizational Chart


Tokyo Sales Office

We are a one-stop production and sales of a variety of packaging materials. Our primary concern is to build trust and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

We have been in business for over 60 years. We have a production base and network in Japan, China, and Vietnam. Because responding to all of your needs (quality, quantity, price, deliveries, etc.) is what we are here for.

Please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to be of assistance to you.

Tokyo Sales Office

The Tokyo sales group cover the needs of East Japan particularly in the area of film packaging and industrially used packaging materials such as construction, agriculture, and aquaculture.

Wakayama Branch Office

Our Wakayama branch mainly operates on providing safe, secure and high-quality garbage bags required by municipalities in Wakayama Prefecture.

Moreover, since Wakayama Prefecture is in the focal region of the Nankai Trough, the Wakayama branch office is also handling a wide range of disaster prevention and countermeasure related products.

Planning Division

The planning department consists of two teams. The planning and development group and the purchasing group.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and efficiently using our production networks not only in Japan but also in our overseas networks in China and in Vietnam.

Our domestic and overseas production base gives us an advantage on offering competitive pricing with Japanese quality standards for our customers.

Efficient communication with the local and overseas network to properly align customer requirements is just one of the critical function. To enforce strict quality control management is of the utmost importance of the planning department.

Production Department

Mainly manufacturing plastic packaging bags, polypropylene woven bags, and polypropylene ropes.

Production staff maintains professionalism at all times and are equipped with experience and technical know-how gained over the years of producing high-quality products.

We are always exerting effort on research and development and foster continuous improvement to develop new products.

Top Management, General Affairs,
and Accounting Department

The general affairs department supports all departments and the whole company in dealing with accounting, human resources, and general affairs.

We aim to realize a workplace where each department within the company can be connected well and provide an appropriate environment where all the employees bring out their best.

We maintain mutual cooperation between workers and preserving a harmonious working environment atmosphere at all times.

The General Affairs Department works behind-the-scene supporting all the employees in innovating products to continuously please all our customers.