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Hygiene Operating Procedures

Japan Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association (JFPHA)

Approved as a semi-accredited factory by the Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association.

Japan Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association (JFPHA)
A semi-accredited factory

Grant Number : 143
Approval Date : June, 1st 2018.

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Japan Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association as a semi-accredited factory.

Employment of the Handicapped

1. In our effort of supporting the employment of the handicapped

Miyagen began supporting the employment of the handicapped in 1991. In the harsh conditions after the collapse of the bubble era, we started employing people with disabilities as part of our social contribution project.

In 1993, the company was certified as an exceptional employer which hires many employees with severe disabilities. Since then the company continues its effort on promoting a practicable working environment for the people with disabilities. In 2005, Japan’s Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare awarded the company for its contribution to the society.

We have employed more than 10 people with disabilities, including elderly people who have worked for more than 20 years. (Currently employing five mentally handicapped people)

We aim to make handicapped people be independent and to be able to be a part as a member of the local society.

We devised and improved working methods so that employees with disabilities are able to work according to their respective ability and to further develop their skills as an individual.

In addition, people with disabilities or not can work together in harmony and be compassionate with each other which after all, is the foundation of being a human.

“Heartful Mark” symbol indicates
companies supporting the employment
 of the handicapped

2. Promoting a practicable working environment for the people with disabilities

1. Commutation courtesy car

2. Installation of a sliding door with automatic door closing mechanism

3. Railing of stairs with low steps

4. Elevator capable of accommodating stretchers

5. Equipped with toilets for the handicapped

6. Barrier-free flooring

Awards and Citations

Date Award Name
May 1997 Certificate of appreciation for aiding during the Russian Tanker Oil Spill Accident (Governor of Fukui Prefecture)
September 2003 Certificate of appreciation for a 20-year membership in Tsuruga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan Chamber of Commerce)
May 2006 Corporate activity certificate of commendation (National Association of Corporate Conferences)
August 2007 Regional economic promotion letter of appreciation (Japan Chamber of Commerce/Tsuruga Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
September 2016 Good Design 2016: Best 100
October 2016 Good Design Award in 2016
February 2017 The 2nd Fukui Furusato Company Recognition Award for Excellence in Manufacturing
March 2018 300 Vibrant HABATAKU Small to Medium Enterprises selected (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
March 2019 The 44th (in year 2018) Invention Grand Prize for Japan Invention Promotion Association President’s Award
Date Activities
November 2013 Carbon dioxide emission deduction contribution on Biopoly products. Deduction amount for 2011: 3t/CO2
October 2014 Environment Fukui Promotion Council 20th anniversary membership
August 2016 “Working Together” Employment Assistance supporter company registration in Fukui
June 2018 Japan Flexible Packaging Hygiene Association as a semi-accredited factory
February 2019 Recognition of Certified Health and Productivity 2019 (Small and Medium Business Department)