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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please contact us via our mail contact form or you can call us via our direct line. One of our sales representatives will immediately respond to your needs.

Please send us an actual sample of the product for our evaluation and one of our sales representatives will get back to you.

First let us hear the specifications, purpose and how you intend to use the packaging bag and we will propose an appropriate material, manufacturing process among others to produce your bag.

It varies a lot depending on the product specifications, quantities, printing requirements among others. Please feel free to consult with us for further information.

We do take advantage of our long experience in overseas trading. All of our quality control management is based on Japan Industrial Standards quality.
For more information, please visit here .

Please prepare your data in Adobe Illustrator format. Please consult us for other formats you are using.

Yes, it is possible. Please contact us first and send us a sample of your product and any design images if available. One of our sales representatives will get back to you.

We can arrange video conference meeting for international customers. Please feel free to contact us on what works for you.

You can download leaflets and brochures via our Product Brochure Download page.
Please contact us for any products not found in the Product Brochure Download page.

Please refer to our Transaction Flow page for your reference.

LDPE, HDPE, Polyolefin multi-layer films are available. Depending on the intended use of the bag, the material may vary.

You may refer to our Knowledge Base page for your reference.

We have gravure printing, flexographic printing, and UV printing technologies. Printing method will vary depending on the product, material, and quantities. Please feel free to consult with us on what is appropriate for your needs.

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For inquiries and consultations:
No. 7 15-3 Yamashimizu Tsuruga City Fukui Prefecture Japan 914-0035