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Transaction Flow

Below is the normal transaction flow.

We will support you all the way
from inquiry to delivery.

 1. Inquiry

Please do not hesitate to contact us. It does not matter whatever questions you have regarding packaging materials needs. First, let us hear your problems and let us take the next step from there.

2. Information Gathering

We can communicate with you in English, Chinese and Vietnamese. Our bilingual staff will directly contact you to discuss your needs such as the product purpose and desired design to name a few.

 3. Prototyping and Proposal

We will provide product drawings and mockup image of the product based on the information gathered.

  4. Planning and Design

We will plan and derive the most appropriate design to bring out the appeal and maximize the value of the product.

5. Quotation and Terms Discussion

We will submit an estimate based on the product specifications and terms.

 6. Order Contract

After the contract, we will do the total coordination from manufacturing to the delivery of the products.

7. Production Processing

We thoroughly manage our production environment to establish a production system that can always maintain sets of high-quality control standards in producing all our products.

 8. Shipment and Delivery

We commit to deliver your products to the specified destination and delivery date of your demands.

 9. After-sales Service

We would like to hear about your experience and we will work hard on improving to provide better products and services.
And we will keep you updated on any new developments and new products we release in the future.