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Medical Surgical Mask

A medical surgical mask with 3 layers of non-woven fabric. It is used in many specialized sites.

We have acquired international standards for quality management systems specialized in the medical device industry.


  • It is a medical surgical mask.
  • The three-layer structure cuts pollen and dust. A filter that captures even fine particles. (BFE95%)
  • With nose fitter. It fits the unevenness of the face and closes the gap on the side of the nose.


  • Against to infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus.
  • In the medical field. At a long-term care facility. In the field of education.
  • For splash prevention, virus, pollen, house dust,  sand 


Standard Table

Mask Size W175×H95mm (Regular)
Material <Body>Polypropylene non-woven
<Nose>Made of resin
Quantity 2,000 sheets (50 sheets x 40 boxes)
Color White
Origin of Country Vietnam
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